Training at the Academy of Classical Ballet offers an in-depth, carefully crafted evaluation program and course offering that ensures you get started on the right foot for your age, skill level and your personal goals. All of the training undergone at the Academy is designed not for you to simply meet your goals, but also offer a strong foundation for advancement.

Our training will give you the strong background needed in today's dance industry, regardless of what style of dance you intend to focus on the future. We offer a unique form of training based on Vagonova, Royal Academy Of Dance, and American Ballet Theatre techniques, developing a well-rounded and more versatile dancer than one method alone can deliver.

Private Ballet Lessons

Private lessons are a great way for a student to supplement their regular classes and help accelerate their training. Private lessons at the Academy allow you to receive personal attention to improve specific goals including pointe work, flexibility, artistry, and technique. Private lessons can help you:

Receive personal, one-on-one attention, and focus on technique, strength, and precision of movement.

Refine and perfect routines. (Perfect for those trying out for Summer intensive programs and trying to get ahead for auditions.)

One-on-one coaching and choreography for solos, competitions, variations, and audition pieces for college, universities, and professional dance companies.

Private coaching for figure skaters, gymnasts, synchronized swimmers and other competitve athletes.