The class schedule is updated regularly to reflect the growth of the school and our adaptation to the various skill levels and needs of our student base. For more information on the class descriptions click here to go to our training page where you will find much more information about the individual curriculum.

Please keep in mind that drop-in classes are more than welcome (pending a placement class). Contact the Academy to set one up.
The Academy accepts enrollment at any time throughout the year and all students must take a placement class prior to enrolling.


Important Academy Dates (Please check these periodically as these do change)

Fall Semester: August 17 – December 18, 2020

August 17: First Day of Class - Tuition Due
September 7: No Classes - Labor Day
October 26-31: Free Dress Week
November 16-21: Observation Week via Zoom
November 22-29: No Classes - Thanksgiving Break
December 14-18: Student Evaluations, Free Dress (modified class schedule)
December 19-January 3 : Studio Closed – Holiday Break

Winter/Spring Semester: January 4 - June 5, 2021
January 4: First Day of Class - Tuition Due
February 15-20: Presidents Day/Winter Break (modified class schedule TBA)
March 22-27: Observation Week
March 29-April 3: Free Dress Week April 4-11:
Spring Break (studio closed for all classes and rehearsals)
May 8,9,15,16: Mandatory Full Cast Rehearsal for Spring Show participants
May 17-23: Theatre Week (modified class schedule TBA)
May 22 & 23: Cinderella Performance: Campbell Heritage Theatre
May 24: Studio Closed: Post Performance
May 25-29: Observation Week May 31: Memorial Day Studio Closed
June 1-5: Evaluation Week (modified class schedule) Free Dress Week TBD: Pre-Ballet Showcase

Summer Intensive: June 21–July 31, 2021
Fall Semester: August 16 – December 17, 2021

School Dress Code and Etiquette

The Academy of Classical Ballet-CALIFORNIA implements a high standard of training and etiquette for all of our students. We emphasize a policy, dress code, and etiquette standard to ensure a focused, fun and non-distractive atmosphere, giving every student the chance to get the most out of their training.

If you have any questions about the dress code, policies, or etiquette, feel free to ask us.

Dress Code Guidelines

Girls: Black leotard, pink tights with seams, pink leather ballet shoes with elastics securely sewn. Long hair should be in a neat bun and short hair must be securely pulled back from face AT ALL TIMES. Please have extra hair pins, pony tail holders, and hair spray or gel to secure your bun.

Boys: Black tights or bike shorts, white shirt, black or white leather ballet shoes elastics securely sewn, white socks.

Adults: Any comfortable appropriate attire that allows the for freedom of movement. We do encourage students to wear form fitting attire and we do require ballet shoes. Hair should be pulled back from the face and off of the neck.

Our preferred resource for dance attire is Discount Dance Supply. Clicking the link below gives you specialized pricing only available to students of the Academy.

General Dress Guidelines

No jewelry allowed except stud earrings. All jewelry should removed prior to coming to class.

Students who fail to wear the appropriate uniform will kindly be asked to sit and watch the class.

All personal items must be labeled (do not write on the bottom or outside of ballet shoes, the inside is just fine).

*Dance attire alone is not allowed beyond the Academy facilities or performance venues. Students should always wear cover-ups when leaving the building. Cover-ups should consist of tops and bottoms. Street shoes must be worn to and from the facilities, but never in the studios. Ballet shoes should never be worn outside of the studio.

Important Classroom Etiquette

Late arrival is distracting to both the instructor and the students. Please be prompt. If you are late you might be kindly asked to observe class.

Please do not talk in class.

Be respectful to your fellow students & instructor.

Before entering the building please silence all cell phones and other electronic devices.

No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the studios (with the exception of water in a sealed container).

In addition to the guidelines, a lot of common sense comes into play with classroom etiquette. The dance studio is not a time for socializing, please don't talk, joke, or whisper with classmates. Take pride in your school, your teacher, your classmates and yourself, and to remember that the art of dance demands discipline and self-control.

Please focus on the instructor when they are speaking, listening carefully is a critical part of the learning experience. Remember all corrections apply to all students. Students should not correct each other. At the end of class, it is appropriate to thank your instructor, remember respect goes a long way. Parents are kindly asked not to disrupt class or give corrections.

*Please remember, these policies are in place so that you and your fellow students become better dancers and our Academy maintains its history of being a respected and professional dance studio.

General Academy Policies

Tuition is based on yearly enrollment (August-June) and is due at the first class of each semester.

No refunds, extensions, credits or transfer of payments or lessons. No Make-up classes.

A placement class is required prior to enrollment, contact the Academy to schedule. The Placement class fee is $35 and is not applicable to tuition.

The Academy of Classical Ballet-CALIFORNIA are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Private or Semi-Private multi-lesson packages: Payment due upon completion of first lesson, good for 10 weeks (inclusive of holidays) Missed or canceled Private or Semi-Private lessons (less then 24 hour notice) will be charged the full rate for scheduled lesson per student.

Schedule subject to change with out notice. The Academy reserves the right to cancel classes, lessons, or class series at any time. If the class or series is canceled by the Academy, your money will be refunded minus administrative fees and lessons already attended.

Students are expected to enroll in all classes in the level for which they have been placed. Students who cannot enroll in the full schedule for their level may require longer to improve and advance.

The Academy evaluates students appropriately, based on their abilities, dedication and conduct. Please do not attempt to discuss placement with The Academy's staff or other dancers or families.

Tuition is considered late 5 days after the start of a new series. A late fee of $35 will be applied. We accept Cash, Checks or Paypal. Returned Check Fee $25.

Pre-enrollment required for all classes. A minimum of 5 students required to run a class. Schedule subject to change.

Registration form and payment must be completed and signed prior to first lesson or enrollment. All class series must be paid at start of the series for the full series.